Mouse buttons all options for all buttons

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Mouse buttons all options for all buttons

Post by beardedRabbit » Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:37 pm

Hello. I have a question and if it has no solution, it could be my humble suggestion (or more ask).
1) So on fullscreen I want to move to next file when I click on the righter side of screen, and move to previous file when click with my courser on the lefter side. I think its the faster ux solution possible. I saw this behavior in faststone viewer on windows, and simply cant live without that(very fast when you have to view a lot of images).
2) Even if thats not possible, I cant understand why the settings for mouse buttons have different options for different buttons. For example I want to use left mouse for previous file and right for next, but the only button for prv/nxt file is a wheel. Maybe there's another option or some terminal command line that could change mouse buttons for your program?
In other I love your piece of software, thank you for that! And I hope to continue to use it in future.a

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