Changing filter by type shouldn't reset folder

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Changing filter by type shouldn't reset folder

Post by vertigo »

If a folder is filtered to show a certain file type and a file is selected, changing the filter should keep your place, leaving the selected file in view. For example, I was using it to view a bunch of non-image files with associated preview images for each one, so I filtered it to show only images, then browsed the images until I found one I wanted, then changed the filter to show all files, expecting the one I had selected to be kept in view, with the data file it was associated with next to it, making it easy to then select and open that data file. But instead, it completely reset the folder, putting me back at the top. I even tried pressing down, thinking maybe the view had been reset but the file I'd selected was still selected, and so pressing down would jump me back to it, but the selection had been totally cleared.
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Re: Changing filter by type shouldn't reset folder

Post by mudo_j »

I would also see this as a valuable enhancement.
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