Tab settings : (very) minor improvement request

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Gwenael Q.
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Tab settings : (very) minor improvement request

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To follow up on viewtopic.php?f=60&t=40182&p=162505#p162505 :

"Iconify tabs" feature is useful when many, many tabs view are opened. But it seems to me that it is not possible to activate it when the "tab zone" is already full (that's to say when this feature is needed) because no empty space to right clik.

Suggestion : Since settings are always reachable, add an "Iconized state" option in the Tools > Settings > Interface > Tabs.

Thank you for listening
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Re: Tab settings : (very) minor improvement request

Post by vertigo »

Other options would be:

1) Add "Iconify tabs" (and perhaps "Tab settings..." as well) to the context menu when clicking on tabs instead of just when clicking on empty space, or at least on the browse tab;
2) Add a small amount of empty space (doesn't have to be much) at the end of the tabs that always remains, to keep access to these actions;
3) Make it so scrolling the tabs when at the end will open up an area of open space at the end, which could then be used to access these actions; or
4) Add an option to automatically iconify tabs when the tab bar gets full.
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