Category sets - System-Managed - New one: "Related"

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Category sets - System-Managed - New one: "Related"

Post by nji9 »

I think it's a pretty good idea to support the user at the task
of assigning categories.

For this I do suggest to add another "System-Managed" category set:
Showing all categories that items that are assigned with the actual
selection are additionally assigned to.
You assign a category to some item.
Say the item is assigned to categories A, B and C now.
"Related" shows all additional categories
that items that are assigned to A, B and C
are assigned to also.
And can decide with 1 click to assign that to.

Actually you can get that information now already:

By selecting the item.
Noting the categories it is assigned to.
Choose that categories at the pane "Categories filter".
Go the results pane.
Select all.
Have a look on the italics, note them.
Select the item you are about.
Check which of the noted categories fit to it.
Just 8 steps! :-)

Maybe the new System-Managed set "Related" could be somehow
be connected to "Suggested"...?
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