Hotkey for Print button in Print dialog

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Hotkey for Print button in Print dialog

Post by akach »

When I press Ctrl+P, print dialog appears.
The most frequently used action here is "Print" obviously.
There's a "Print" button in the lower left corner, but without a hotkey.

I'm using keyboard mostly, so it's not convenient for me to switch from keyboard to mouse for clicking this button.
Strange enough, another modal dialog appears, also called "Print", now for selecting a printer. And it contains "Print" button, too.
But now with a hotkey, Alt+P.
So, to print a picture, I need:
1) Press Ctrl+P
2) Click a Print button with mouse
3) Press Alt+P

I would recommend not only adding a hotkey like Alt+P, but also make "Print" a default button in both dialogs, so that pressing "Enter" by default means pressing "Print" button.

Also it would be great to have a hotkey for an action doing these three steps with one hotkey press. For example, Ctrl+Alt+P.

P.S. I've tried XnView MP 0.93.1 and 0.96.4 64-bit on Linux Mint 19.3
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