Add custom filter from existing view

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Add custom filter from existing view

Post by mrwul » Sun Jul 26, 2020 6:47 am

I would like to suggest to make it possible to save an existing view/filter as a user defined filter

Something like:
SnagIt-25072020 101007.png
SnagIt-25072020 101007.png (25.32 KiB) Viewed 139 times

Note: this refers to a separate thread titled: "How to add a customer filter to only show JPG and PNG files"

However, as it is in the 'General Support'-section, it may not been seen as a suggestion, hence I am posting the idea here as well.
Probably there have been more or less similar requests.

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Re: Add custom filter from existing view

Post by Rick » Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:46 am


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