Zoom to/from the mouse pointer at any zoom level

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Zoom to/from the mouse pointer at any zoom level

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It would be nice to be able to zoom to and from the mouse pointer at any zoom level.

When an image is zoomed out so that it has empty space around it.
When mouse wheel zooming in.

Actual behavior:
The image zooms in from the center, until the image fills the XnView MP window.

Then it starts zooming in to the mouse pointer.

For example in this screen recording, if one want to zoom in on the Preview checkbox in the top left corner.

The mouse pointer is moved to the checkbox and the mouse wheel is turned forwards. The checkbox moves up and to the left.

The mouse has to be moved to the checkbox again. And when zooming in again, then the same thing happens until the image fills the window.

screen recording (open in a new browser tab to view the animation)


The pixels under the mouse cursor should remain under the cursor when mouse wheel zooming, no matter how much space there are around the image.

Having empty space around the image even when it's zoomed in, would also help with selecting near the edge of an image.

Currently it's easy to accidentally start resizing the window instead of dragging the selection edge, when the image edge is right next to the edge of the window.

As can be seen in the screen recording, the same or similar issue occurs when zooming out.
The image stays glued to the window edges until either the width or height is smaller than the window,
then it starts zooming out from the center.
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