Output to "Last folder used"

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Output to "Last folder used"

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REQUEST: When selecting the Batch Convert > OUTPUT folder, I would like an option to select the last folder to which files were actually saved.

WHY: Currently, selecting "Folder" is NOT a solution because it contains the folder that was saved with the script, not the last folder that was actually used.


[] Source Folder
[] Folder
[] Last Used Folder

1. User enters all settings for a batch conversion. Set the Output to "Folder 1". Save the settings to a script.xbs file.
2. Do some other image operations and save the images to "Folder 2"
3. Next time, open script.vbs, and the Output folder is pre-set to "Folder 1". I don't want Folder 1; I want to save to Folder 2.
4. NEW: From Output tab, I could select "Last used folder" instead of only "Source Folder" or "Folder"