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Incremental display

Post by thany2 »

In browser mode, can we please have incremental display? If you hold down the arrow key the go down the list of images, none are actually shown. But in that split second that any one file is selected, it could already show the first bit. Kind of like a web browser does it.

This is very helpful when viewing very large images. And I do have a couple of very highres pictures where browsing with incremental display would greatly improve the speed at which I can sift through them.

It would also make the program feel faster, even though it might be measurably slower. Why? Because not showing anything for X milliseconds feels slower, but nothing appears to be happening, as compared to immediately starting to display an image. Just imagine of of those websites that hide themselves until every single one of their pictures is loaded. Those websites feel a lot slower than websites that immediately start displaying stuff.
Using Windows 10 21H1 and loving it. Cheers!