Crop tool small improvements request

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Gwenael Q.
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Crop tool small improvements request

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1- When cropping an image it is often useful to preview the selected zone without seeing the border that will be removed. Adding a kind of full screen view for the selected zone is perhaps something not simple but at least you could perhaps consider what seems to me to be a quite simple solution :

Add some buttons (or a drop menu) in the tool option bar that would allow to

- show image borders (tool crop as it is displayed today)
- show selection on black/white/grey or user defined background, (ideally with an opacity slider to mask more or less the border of image)

Edit : 2- a small reminder somewhere, in the tool bar options or elsewhere, like "use ctrl key + mouse to interact with canevas" would nice for newcomers and episodic users.

Edit : 3 - User has the possibility to predefine cropping formats. It would be very useful if the edit dialog would allow to associate a name to the predefined cropped format (let say "4K", UHD or others).
the format menu already displays things like cinema 1 or 2 ... Perhaps a comment field for each cropping format (that could be displayed as an infotip) could also be useful.

Thank you for listening
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