Feature Suggestion for Business Users

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Feature Suggestion for Business Users

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We just ordered 1000 Licenses for our business.

I do have small issue, for which i found a workaround.

When you install XnView, you can decide if settings are stored in Registry or as ini File, which is fine.

We use many Remote Desktop Servers, on which we will install XnView.

My feature suggestion:
It would be nice to have "Template configuration file" or "template settings stored in HKeyLocalMachine", which are then saved in user "appdata" folder or in "HKeyCurrentUser". This will need application change to look for settings in one of "template" locations.
This setting does not have to be shown in UI.

Yes, I know that i can apply on logon: registry settings per user with GPO or copy ini file from other location, but both options slow logon a tiny bit.

This suggestion would simplify configuration for large installations.

If you need help with implementation concept and tests, i will be happy to help you.

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Feature Suggestion for Business Users

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you means a default xnview.ini?