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Crop images faster

Post by schmitom »

I have scanned a lot of pictures and now I have to crop them all.

Unfortunately this is a bit cumbersome:
1. scroll to the next picture
2. press Shift & "o" to rotate the image
3. rotating the image via button or arrow keys
4. confirm with OK or Enter
5. mount the frame for cutting
6. cut with Shift & "x
7. go to the next image
8. confirm save

My suggestion would be to use the mouse:
1. scroll forward or backward to the next picture with "SHIFT" & mouse wheel up or down
2. rotate picture with "CTRL" & mouse wheel up or down
here a grid is automatically displayed, which can be resized via options
fast turning = large angle / slow turning = small angle - fine adjustment
Grid disappears after a few seconds of inactivity
3. cut the image with ALT & draw the frame with the left mouse button
after the frame is drawn, you could automatically crop to that size
Back with CTRL & "z
4. scroll forward or backward to the next picture with Shift & mouse wheel up or down
5. confirm saving by clicking the mouse wheel

No need to switch between mouse and keyboard
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