Automatic refresh after rating a photo

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Automatic refresh after rating a photo

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I'm looking for a fast image viewer than can perform as a photo culling tool. XNView MP seems to be a very interesting tool for a job, there's just one thing that would make it perfect!

My workflow is about negative selection, so I prefer to choose the pictures I'm sure I'm not going to use and somehow make them disappear. I decided to use rating feature and give the "Poor" for the ones I don't want to see. Then I have two options to filter them out:

1. By filtering only unrated files. Unfortunately, this one doesn't work as expected. Bug report here:
2. By sorting files rating-wise (then unrated files are shown first). This works almost fine, but in this scenario after giving a rating I need to refresh the view manually - otherwise the file is not pushed into the end of the list. Ideally it should sort the view automatically immediately after rating the picture.

So, in other words - XNView MP could automatically refresh the view after you rate a file, especially when you sort or filter by rating. This would be a great improvement!
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