python script injection interface

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python script injection interface

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Hey guys and gals!

Long time XNview fan and supporter here. I'm a cg artist working in the entertainment and media and I usually run XNviewer to help me wrangle large amounts of images used as source, or outputs, etc... I think XNview is a great alternative to Bridge, but there are a couple features that would really be fantastic, and should not be too hard to implement.

1) Ability to sort image sequences. As far as I know, the browser lists individual images. If there was a sorting mode to identify image sequences, and display them as 1 item only, that would be fantastic. This could be, for instance, a selection from the "View As" drop down. Operations applied to the sequence would apply to all the images.

2) Ability to run a python script on selected items in browser. Again, some way to integrate inside the GUI the ability to run a python script on selected folders or files, to give power users a way to run advanced tasks from within the XNviewer GUI, to save time. These scripts could be shared by the community to really extend the power of XNview. They could do anything from special renaming routines, processing of images, or data, etc... The potential is endless at this point, really.

I'd love to hear the dev's thoughts.
Thanks again,
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