Some other improvements to Color management

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Some other improvements to Color management

Post by simohno »

I suggest some other improvements concerning the color management (see first my previous post):
  • In Settings > General > ICC, the option "Use ICC profile for monitor" actually - as I found - does not only do what it tells: this uses the monitor profile for color compensation, AND reads any file color profile; unchecking this, will disable totally the color management, and even files which have an ICC profile embedded are rendered as if they were in sRGB. I suggest to change the label to "Use color management", and just below, where the user can choose the monitor profile, put "Profile for monitor compensation".
  • In the Batch convert module, the only "Action" concerning Color management that I found is - If I am right - "ICC convert", which should convert the photos from a source to a destination color space. I cannot understand why there is a "Ignore embedded profile" option aside to the possibility of specifying an Input profile to the photo: if I uncheck Ignore embedded profile and specify an ICC for Input, which of the two has the priority? So I'd suggest to delete the Ignore embedded profile, and give - as for monitor profile in Settings - two options for the Input profile: Embedded (sRGB default else) / Specified.
  • I would add an action "ICC assign" to simply write into the files a chosen ICC profile (or possibly also taken from the EXIF.Photo.Colorspace metadata, if present).
  • ICC assign and convert operations would be very useful also to do in a single file mode (e.g. Tools > Write ICC profile info / Assign ICC profile). This, just not to need to open the image with GIMP or to use the Batch convert for a single file.
Thank you for considering this

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