Feature Requests & Suggestions for Improvement

Ideas for improvements and requests for new features in XnView MP

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Feature Requests & Suggestions for Improvement

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Used this again for the first time in a while and pretty quickly ran across several things that could use improvement, so here's my ideas/requests:

- When enough tabs are open to require them to scroll, selecting a tab shouldn't move the tabs to place the selected one at the end. The tabs should stay exactly where they are unless scrolling over them or clicking the arrow buttons.
- Add a drop-down arrow at the far right of the tab bar to show a vertical list of all open tabs and either another or a switch under that one to show a grid view of thumbnails, ideally with an option to set the size of them, perhaps with a min-max range to use depending on the amount of tabs and the size of the XnView window.
- Add a keyboard shortcut for moving to previous/next tab.
- Add option to open new tab when duplicating next to original tab instead of at the end.
- No way to save a session except when exiting, so if the app or computer crashes, it will be lost.
- Add option to show entire path in title bar.
- Interface options "Multiple view for same file" and "Only one view per file" sound like the same thing, which segways into another issue, which is that there's no descriptions for the various settings without having to look in help or online, and it would be better if there were tooltips for them.
- Option for when renaming a file to proceed to the next file after the original name instead of the new name, e.g. with FileName1, FileName3, FileName4,...FileName10, if I rename FileName5 to FileName2 then go to the next file, I want to be on FileName6, not FileName3.

Hope you'll consider them Pierre :)
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