Shortcut to iptc/xmp templates

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Shortcut to iptc/xmp templates

Post by michel038 »

I thought of a feature that could be effective with metadata templates:
1) The user saves templates with the "Edit iptc" and "Edit xmp" windows
2) He creates toolbar buttons linked to these templates, with a specified icon
3) Use: select photos and click the button!
In one click your photos get a selection of metadata.
Stars and color labels already work this way.
Personally I achieve this result with batch files calling Exiftool. But it is complicated and relatively slow ...

Are there users who find it useful?
For example for commonly used copyrights, keywords or places (location, city, region, country)?
Or to start from scratch a tagging work on thousands of photos ?

J'ai pensé à une fonctionnalité qui pourrait être efficace avec les modèles de métadonnées :
1) L'utilisateur enregistre des modèles avec les fenêtres "Editer iptc" et "Editer xmp"
2) Il crée des boutons de barre d'outils liés à ces modèles, avec une icône spécifiée
3) Utilisation : sélectionner des photos et cliquer le bouton !
En un seul clic vos photos acquièrent une sélection de métadonnées.
Les étoiles et couleurs fonctionnent déjà de cette façon.

Personnellement j'arrive à ce résultat en passant par des fichiers batch appelant Exiftool. Mais c'est compliqué et relativement lent

Y'a t-il des utilisateurs qui trouveraient ça utile ?
Par exemple pour des copyrights, des mots-clés ou des lieux (emplacement, ville, région, pays) couramment utilisés ?
Ou pour commencer à partir de zéro un travail de marquage sur des milliers de photos ?
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Re: Shortcut to iptc/xmp templates

Post by Franky »


Les modèles existent déjà, ce serait les appliquer en un click, en configurant des boutons dans la barre d'outils ?
Ce serait effectivement utile.
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Re: Shortcut to iptc/xmp templates

Post by Gerald_Ire »

michel038 & Franky
Short answer: Yes! Would be brilliant if we could ad metadata templates easier. :)

Working with 0.99.7 (GUI: german) and struggling with the metadata templates setup a little bit and no clue how to use it the right way. Any help would be appreciated...

the idea is:
Setup a bunch of XMPxxx.xxmp templates into AppData/XnviewMP for our users and let them choose the one that fits to there local workflow.
I can setup the different XMPxxx.xxmp templates
I can browse them...
I cant apply the xmp template to the images... :(
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Re: Shortcut to iptc/xmp templates

Post by xnview »

so the same as if you add a .xbs script to toolbar but with processing IPTC/XMP?
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Re: Shortcut to iptc/xmp templates

Post by Gerald_Ire »

Hi Pierre, thx for comming back on this.

We like todo xmp-templates. And the content-template has to be applied manualy for each image.
I can type content into XMP-fwc and can save it as a sample as *.xxmp
The templates including content for a few metadata fields. Sound good so far...

I can share the *.xxmp-files with all users via AppData\XnViewMP...
The user can view all of the *.xxmp in the list but it doesnt apply on the image any how. Maybe this is my wrong thinking.
20220504_XnViewMP_Metadta_choose-xxmp doesnt apply on image.png

What I found instead is a seperate "history list" for each single xmp-fwc customfield. Not easy to access for some fields. Maybe there is an option missing (see next image)
Option to open this list found in an other metadata field... (next image)
The list for each field...
20220504_XnViewMP_Metadta_history not xxmp-templates.png
The applied content can access to each image and its shown under each single xmp-fwc customfield
Just figured out: all content gets saved in the XMP.ini - thats brilliant!
What I do not get is a template for more than one metadata field as I can do with the *.xxmp

Question: where is my wrong thinking or doing? How can we apply the content to an image manualy with the *.xxmp-templates?
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:D Gerald says thx to all! :D