1.3 Automatic suffix for SaveAs

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1.3 Automatic suffix for SaveAs

Post by ReefHound »

XnView: MP 1.3.1 64bits
OS: Windows 64bit

Have setting for user to provide suffix to filename in SaveAs.

If using SaveAs, one is presumably wanting to assign a new name. One of the first things I do when I process a folder of images is to performing crops and I want to save the file to indicate this while preserving the original.

The user should be able to specify the string. When cropping, I would use " - cropped". So the file "P001.jpg" would appear in the SaveAs dialog as "P001 - cropped.jpg". If doing something else I might want to indicate that. Or simply use " - edited".

While this can be done manually, it would save a ton of time cumulatively when processing hundreds of images.

Online references:
The app BetterJpeg does exactly this, with a setting:
'Save As' Dialog Auto Suffix - Add the specified suffix to the file name when saving using 'Save As' command.