Converting Apple ProRAW to HEIC

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Converting Apple ProRAW to HEIC

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I tried to convert several Apple ProRAW files from my iPhone 14 Pro to HEIC which XnView did, but my Adobe Lightroom would not recognize the newly created HEIC files even though it will recognize internally created HEIC files from my iPhone. Could the conversion process from ProRAW to HEIC be modified such that the new HEIC file works in Lightroom?

I very recently purchased an iPhone 14 Pro. To my delight XnView would read the ProRAW files, but none of my Adobe products would.
ProRAW files download from my iCloud to my PC as IMG_{file number}.RAW-IMAGE.
This afternoon it took an Adobe tech, remotely using my machine, several hours to diagnose & conclude that the file extension just needed to be changed to RAW, JPG, or some other Adobe recognized file extension. WTF?!?! I’m spending hundreds of dollars for this sophisticated Adobe stuff that can't read a file and my freeware XnView doesn’t even break a sweat.