Program folder - file organization | cleanup

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Program folder - file organization | cleanup

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XnView: MP 1.3.1 64bits
OS: Windows 64bit (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

There is a way to improve files organisation in the app's folder (portable version).

- create runtime folder for all runtime related files (e.g. api-ms-win.., Qt5.., etc.)
- create doc folder for license, WhatsNew, link_to_site

Some other suggestions, however they will break backwards compartibility (few mutually exclusive):
- create data folder for all system files that are not in plugins,addons,runtime, so root folder contain only few .exe files
- create config folder for all settings-related files
- combine presets into single file or move them into some db
- move all user_settings, defaults (country, presets, etc.) into single db file
- move all .png from root of UI folder in subfolder(s), so there are only config files remain on root level

- rename db/settings files into something more meaningful, e.g.:
-- Thumb.db → xn_thumbnails.db
-- XnView.db → xn_catalog.db
-- xnview.ini → xn_settings/xn_config in .db OR .ini format
as for me, I would prefer relational format, since:
--- data is not just plaing settings, but more a
--- some settings containg long values, e.g. RecentFiles, History, @Variant, @ByteArray, etc.
--- xnview.ini quite big, it will allow to view big picture clearer when you can see all settings grouped on different levels

- bring more consistency to the settings' values, currently:
-- some values are in quotes, some not, e.g. @ByteArray(..), "@ByteArray(..)"
-- sometimes separator is space, sometimes comma