Zoom - group menu items

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Zoom - group menu items

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XnView MP 1.4.0 64bits
Windows 64bit (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

There are too many zoom related items spread over menu.

Suggestion A
Viewer / Browser / context menu
  • group all zoom related items into one section
  • move 'Real size' into 'Zoom' menu group (to the top/bottom of the list), because it is just another zoom value.
    however it was a tickable option in xnview classic
  • move 'Zoom in/out' insize 'Zoom' menu

Suggestion B
I find zoom settings unintuitive, there are too many places to set them:
  • Viewer
    menu group for Viewer mode zoom settings (that does not affect combobox in Settings :? )
  • Browser
    menu group for Preview panel zoom settings (no analog in Settings)
  • Settings
    two comboboxes with additional 'Last used' item that does not add clarity at all:
    -- Viewer mode - available in Viewer View menu as well
    -- Fullscreen mode - avaialble oinly in Settings
However it can be fixed:
  • remove 'Auto image size' combobox for Viewer and Fullscreen modes from Settings.
    Why remove from Settings?
    • consistancy
      you either have all settings duplicated in both places or completely remove from one place, not partial (there are no Preview).
      in Viewer/Browser and in Settings or have them in one place
    • clarity
      selected option from 'Auto image size' in 'View menu does not correlate with same combobox in Settings, it always stuck on 'Last used' item which is extremely confusing
  • add 'Fullscreen zoom' menu group into Viewer's View menu

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Re: Zoom - group menu items

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