Add Customizable IPTC editing panel

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Add Customizable IPTC editing panel

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XnView team,

I am using xnview mp to add iptc info to my photos. I wonder if in later updates we can have a "customizable" iptc editing penal.

For example I need to use the caption, headline, keywords, categories, byline and city fields, and leave other fields blank. In current version (1.4.4) these fields are in different tabs of the "Edit IPTC - IIM" tool . I have to switch from different tabs to find the fields I need and some times I will neglect to edit some of them.

The suggestion is to add one tab as a customizable workspace to the "Edit IPTC - IIM" tool. Users can choose and put the iptc fields they need on that tab. So they can edit the necessarily fields in one tab, which will make the work faster and more accurate.