Favorites including subfolders

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Favorites including subfolders

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there is one thing I miss in XNView MP and that concerns the handling of Favorites ...

I organize my photos in folders and order them in general in subfolders that are base on the year and month schema... The root folder for the photos I'm currently working on is located on my drive D: (and that can be photos of several month) and after completing development and image editing I archive them to a subfolder of my archive on drive E:
So I've created 2 favorites ... one for the root folder of my working directory and one for my archive folder.

But for me these favorites are pretty useless because there is no way to navigate to subfolders of my favorites when I'm in the Favorite pane.

Would it be possible to add the possiblility to 'unfold' the favorites and show all subfolders as well? The Favorites pane would be very much like the Folders pane but with the huge advantage that you are focused on your favorite locations (i.e. you see much less entries than being in the Folders pane and it would be much more overseeable and neatly arranged) ...

Perhaps you can take this into consideration for a future development ...

Merci beaucoup and cheers
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Re: Favorites including subfolders

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