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hey there,

kudos for such an amazing piece of software! as a student I thank you very much for this application

here is my suggestion for an awesome improvement (I looked in all topics and could not find it)

1. on macOS, using xnView MP
2. when batch converting files and accessing the actions tab
3. I use a range of 20-30 actions pretty much all the time
4. so I leave 'ON' the setting 'SAVE ACTIONS LIST AT EXITING'
5. when reopening XnView, logically some of the actions are ENABLED or DISABLED depending on the last job

depending on the new job I need to either reset all the actions to 'DISABLED', or 'ENABLED'
or other times I need to review them all quickly to verify their state 'DISABLED', or 'ENABLED'

the parameters set for each action are usually perfect or close to perfect for what I need so checking parameters is something I may do only for the actions that I need ENABLED this time

the main issue I am finding is that when I reopen XnView all the actions are 'EXPANDED' so I have to 'COLLAPSE' them all one by one
collapsing them helps me to see the actions at a high level without their settings and verify their status (ENABLED/DISABLED)

when you work with a range of 20 to 30 actions loaded, this is a very time consuming task and often leads to human error for example by missing ENABLING OR DISABLING on one or more than one action, then triggering the batch conversion thinking the actions were properly setup

Proposed Solution

I think about 2 massive improvements when working with actions using this tab:

1. two buttons: 'all ENABLED' and 'all DISABLED' - that would do just that. so when having 30-40 preloaded actions no need to do this manually one by one; additionally as the actions are reopened in 'EXPANDED' mode, currently enabling or disabling all or even some of them implies scrolling down and having to do this one by one leading to a lot of time - currently for my sanity I also COLLAPSE them at the same time I scroll down to have a clear view of the actions state at a high level avoiding parameters

2. two buttons 'COLLAPSE all' and 'EXPAND all' that would help dramatically to avoid the above mentioned scenarios

these new buttons could be easily accesible if they were located at the top between the existing buttons 'ADD ACTION' and 'CLEAR ALL' buttons

I believe these improvements would help many other users with their workflows

hank you in advance for considering my feedback and again for such a great piece of software
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Re: Collapse|Expand Enable\Disable 'all' actions | batch convert

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