"Open With" input box to type the value.

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"Open With" input box to type the value.

Post by FKCapitalism2 »

For use with ExifTool for instance i want to tag series of images with EXIF ImageDescription tag, i select images then right click Open With > select line that i use to populate image description tag with ExifTool.

Problem is that to put new value inside image description i have to always go trough Configure programs menu to change actual command line, which is very slow.

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-overwrite_original -progress -ImageDescription="Hello World!"

Would be so much faster if you allow to specify variable trough popup box.

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-overwrite_original -progress -ImageDescription="{%input_box}"
Then when running command XnView MP shows input box where i type description of the image and it will populate the value of input box instead of {%input_box} and execute command.

For instance you enter New Years Eve 2022, so following command will exectue

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-overwrite_original -progress -ImageDescription="New Years Eve 2022"

Another use case could be to query certain EXIF tag from image

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-{%input_box} -K
After you enter ImageWidth to text box, following command will execute.

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-ImageWidth -K
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Re: "Open With" input box to type the value.

Post by michel038 »

I support this suggestion.

Perhaps this example would work :
Name : : Program : : Parameters
Look_for_folder : : cmd : : Dir D:\Photos /s /ad /b | find /i "(%input_box)"

Enter a word in the input box, and this CMD script will look for folder names in D:Photos containing this word....