Viewer - audio/video - improve playback controls

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Viewer - audio/video - improve playback controls

Post by user0 »

XnViewMP 1.5.5, 1.6.0 64bit
Windows11 (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

Viewer - audio/video files
playback controls are inconvenient

  • viewport area
    • zoom shortcuts should not scroll to prev/next file
      (default zoom shortcuts: CTRL+Wheel, RMB/LMB+Wheel)
      - they either should do nothing OR zoom cover image
    • add player controls
      - space - play/pause
      - left/right buttons - go 5 sec back/forward
      - up/down - control volume
      - m - mute/unmute
  • playbar
    • fix scroll over playbar
      • inside red area
        it either shall scroll properly or do nothing
      • outside red area
        it should not scroll to prev/next file
    • improve volume control
      • make volume control always visible
      • scrolling on volume control shall regulate volume
      • clicking on sound icon shall switch mute state
    • add replay/repeat functionality
      • add 🔁 repeat (loop) button
        guess in the most left part of playbar
      • add replay functionality
        when media ends and loop is off, slider shall jump to the begining, so clickling on play button will start playing
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Re: Viewer - audio/video - improve playback controls

Post by Oleksii »

Those are very reasonable suggestions !!!
I totally agree that they will improve user experience when exploring video files.

Will look forward when this will be implemented.
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Re: Viewer - audio/video - improve playback controls

Post by Blossoms »

I am also in favour of these suggestions, as they would improve the user experience a lot. Especially the shortcuts to play/pause video.

I could not find a play/pause hotkey in Settings -> Interface -> Shortcuts.

Another suggestion: In full screen, the control bar should disappear, but reappear when the mouse is moved.