Add support for metadata editing for JPEG-XL

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Add support for metadata editing for JPEG-XL

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Add support for metadata editing for JPEG-XL

I was afraid that JPEG-XL does not support metadata, but luckily they do. But XNviewMP cannot write this metadata even when converting from JPG. I transferred the metadata from JPG to JPEG-XL via the MetaImage application on MAC and there is data in the file, but XnViewMP does not display it under the EXIF tab and it is not possible to work with the data as with classic JPG. Would it be possible to work with metadata like a classic JPG? including the display of icons in the preview that the given XL photo contains Exif.

Will XNViewMP be able to write metadata during conversation or the ability to edit metadata?

Can XNViewMP display if JPG-XL contains EXIF, display icons in previews?

Thank you very much for your work, otherwise the app is amazing

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