Change to the Film Strip layouts.

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Change to the Film Strip layouts.

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I am experimenting with a Film Strip layout to be use for rapidly moving through new images to remove the bad ones and quickly assign preliminary ratings. I would like to move the Properties panel from the Film Strip to relocate it while leaving the Film Strip separate. I can accomplish this in the non-Film Strip layouts but then the images scroll vertically with the mouse wheel instead of horizontal like in the Film Strip. I Would like to use the horizontal scrolling feature. The other idea that I am thinking about is that it would be nice if the centre frame in the strip remained in the centre and the images flowed though that frame as they were scrolled through. This way the focus wouldn't stick to the current image and move out of view as I scrolled. I would be able to compare images from a sequence, burst mode, exposure bracketing, and quickly to find the best one without getting confused about the relationship of the image in the preview panel in relation to the files in the Film Strip.
I hope that makes sense to you because I haven't thought through the entire idea yet.

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