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Selection Rectangle Colour - user-choosable

Post by meteorquake »

XNView MP; mostly the selection appearance is good.

However a lot of my photos have grainy areas of stone or dry vegetation, rather white in bright sunlight with dark patterns, and you can't really see the selection edge of black-white dashes.
That is solved by setting outside the rectangle to be dimmed, but then that in turn reduces the ability to see what's there in order to resize the rectangle effectively.

* I think the most effective solution to this would be to be able to choose the colours of the dashes and gaps, and this would also mean people could set them the same colour to get a solid edge. For example, I would choose red and yellow or red for both (to get a pure red edge) because nothing like that would ever appear in the photos I work with.

There are quite a few past posts requesting colour options for the selection rectangle so I'm thinking it would be something that's very useful to many people to implement, and I would think very easy being just a colour change.

Cheers, David