Batch convert - preview - improve file controls

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Batch convert - preview - improve file controls

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XnViewMP 1.7.2 64bit
Windows11 (23H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

Batch convert - preview
there are few inconveniencies in file browsing in Preview (Actions tab):
- file name is not visible, eg when processing similar images
- not possible to jump to the first/last file or exact file
- inactive progress bar takes too much space and provides no info


  • filelist
    - add current file name
    - add first/last file buttons
  • zoom
    - move zoom controls to the left horizontal bar
    - move zoom value to the top
  • 'Remove from filelist' command
    - add command to the context menu
    - add shortcut (Del) works only when any control in preview group is selected/focused
    - change icon: X (delete) → − (remove)
  • Before/After
    - remove inner borders of tab control to save space

B - preferable
same as A, but
  • move all controls inside Preview group
  • filelist
    - add filelist scrollbar
  • Before/After
    - rework tab control into single 'Swap' button to save extra space around image
  • progress bar
    - move it to the top, inside image
    - make it narrower and visible only when active
  • (optional) image overlay
    some information can be displayed as overlay (see GmicPlugin)
    - move current state (Before or After) to overlay (top left corner)
    - move current zoom value to overlay (bottom left corner), show it for 2-3sec after zoom change

  • files controls
  • preview

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