A few requests

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A few requests

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Here are a few items I would love to see in XnView MP. If these already exist somewhere, please let me know where I can find them.
  • When you close a tab, return to the last tab that was open instead of the tab immediately to the left of the closed tab. For example, if I'm in the browser and double click to open an image, it opens a new tab at the right end end of all the open tabs. Say I have 4 other image tabs open. If I then close that image, it then shows the right-most image instead of going back to the browser tab (the last one open).
  • Be able to open and close the Preview window independently of the main XnView window. The most useful feature of XnView for me is the Preview window. I run Role Playing Games at my house, and I have the main XnView window open on my laptop where only I can see, and the Preview window popped out on the TV that the players can see. However, if I minimize XnView to view a pdf or something on my laptop, the preview window also minimizes on the TV. It would be nice to have the Preview window stay up.
Other than these two things, XnView is not only the best graphics viewer I've ever used, but one of the best programs in general I've ever seen. I LOVE all the useful features it has, especially how you can seamlessly copy/move & paste files from and to XnView from the file manager. It is also incredibly stable.

I have version 1.7.2 on Linux.