0.39 Help with XMP description!

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0.39 Help with XMP description!

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Hi! Most of my pictures are transparent PNG's and with XnView I was able to search them using the Comment option (internal comment) but it has disappeared in XnView MP. I found out that if you check "Write comment in XMP", you can do the search this way using XMP:Description instead of Comment. The problem is with PNG's you need to manually edit the XMP Caption to add it (unlike with JPG's where you just need to recreate the internal Comment). Well, I can do that although it's quite time consuming for a feature I would not need otherwise if the search module still included internal comment field. But I have a batch of PNG's that XnView MP cannot write XMP:Description to. It can write internal comment though and I just can't figure out why it works with other PNG's and not with these. Right after posting this message I shall send you a zip with one of the tricky PNG's plus the tmp file that XnView MP created while attempting to write the XMP description. Hope you can help cause I really need to be able to search my files and it's driving me nuts!

-- Edit --
Forgot to mention I'm using XnView MP 0.39 on Windows XP SP3 with 2Go RAM.
I've just sent you another version of the same PNG after adding the XMP description using ExifTool 8.65 with a GUI. The ExifTool within XnView does see it but XnView apparently doesn't and act as if there was no XMP at all (checked with the XMP editor). Very annoying. I can't see what's wrong with those files. I even tried to move them, rename that and regenerate them with Paint Shop Pro. Nothing works.

-- Second Edit --
I've just sent you another email as I tried to enter a different text in the XMP decription with XnView MP and it worked. The thing is I have no clue why it happened. See original text was identical to internal comment "Kit The Farm (c) Friendly Scrap". I changed it to "Kit Farm (c) Friendly Scrap" (removed "The") so it's nonsense. Also recreating the file somewhere else did not change anything to the problem only this did. If anyone has any clue I'd love to hear it. :shock:
Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bit
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