0.56 (and earlier) Win Vista x64 opening files issue

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0.56 (and earlier) Win Vista x64 opening files issue

Post by MapmuH » Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:46 pm

Okay, I found out that the problem is sthg else actually, so forget what I put in quote.

I can open c:\Users\Mapmuh\Pictures\20130401\file.jpg with a double click
but I can't open c:\Documents and Settings\Marcin\Pictures\20130401\file.jpg (which strangely is the same file :o )

Moreover I can open artificially created c:\Users\Marcin\Pictures\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\20130401\file.jpg :?:

Hello, strange issue - difficult to replicate.
XNViewMP after a reboot doesn't open files from file manager.
I have my pictures in C:\Users\Mapmuh\Pictures\20130616 (and similarly named yearmonthday catalogues). After double clicking a jpg file, XNViewMP opens up the main window without an image. But if I first open an image located in C:\ (& closing XNView) then an image located in C:\Users\ (& closing XNView) suddenly everythings gets fine and I can open files from whichever they are (even with spaces in filename, which I suspected to be the cause of the problem at first). Even if I turn the programme off.

Issue was just the same in 0.53 when I noticed it for the first time.

PS. Forgot to mention: file associations were done thru "Associate files with XnViewMP" app.

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