Tag, Rate and Color clickable areas

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Tag, Rate and Color clickable areas

Post by CreativeWorld »

Tested with xnview mp 0.64 on linux mint 16 cinnamon 32bit.

This is where the tag, rate and color buttons are
located in the different menu choices: View > View as

Red = Tag
Green = Rate
Blue = Color

The first 3 in the list:
Thumbnails + Filename
Thumbnails + Labels

The clickable areas are offset.


The 4th entry: Thumbnails + Details
doesn't seam to have any of the
tag, rate or color options on it's thumbnail.

Since the 3 last choices below just show icons,
maybe the tag, rate or color buttons,
should only be available in the 4 thumbnail view modes above,



haven't found any of them on the icon for the last entry: Details
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Re: Tag, Rate and Color clickable areas

Post by BloodyRain2k »

There's a related problem with the Tag, Rating and Category list.

It is not possible to Alt Click ratings and colors for excluding them as they won't select from that, to select them you have to Alt Drag them.
But the problem with that is that they then select as if you're holding additionally Shift meaning they select then ALL from the last selected entry to the one you Alt Dragged over now.

And I just noticed that you can't select Rating 4 + Color 5 (Purple) to list images that are rated 4 and colored purple.
Neither is listing all purple images with a category being selected for exclusion, it lists all purple ones including ones that have the excluded category.

There's also a small weird thing which is that when dragging imaged into the Categories it reserves space between categories to allow dropping them between, which does nothing.
So this effectively reduces the area in which you have to drop them for categorizing while that's not needed.
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Re: Tag, Rate and Color clickable areas

Post by xnview »

Bug confirmed and will be fixed. See issue Issue 264 for current status and details.