0.64 Add Text to image - Bugs and Suggestions

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0.64 Add Text to image - Bugs and Suggestions

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while trying to watermark a set of images, I noticed these problems with the Add Text feature:

- While you can set the text size to either pixels or percentage, all other measurements are in pixels only. It would be nice to have X/Y offset, contour and border size as well as the drop shadow offsets also change to percentages when text size is relative (percentage) to image size.

- Horizontal text can be placed correctly using the Position and Justification options as well as the X/Y offset. There's a limitation with large images as the offset input fields are limited to three digits.

- I have not been able to create vertical text, though. Setting the rotation to 90 degrees or 270 degrees does rotate the text but places it outside the image. It seems as if the text is always rotated around the upper-left corner of the image. Changing the X/Y offset moves the text, but not the rotation center. The text should always rotate around the Position point. E.g. if the position is lower-right and the justification is Left, an angle of 270 degrees should put the first text letter into the lower-right corner (plus/minus X/Y offset) with the text reading upwards.

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Re: 0.64 Add Text to image - Bugs and Suggestions

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See Issue 273 for current status and details.