0.66 Crop ratios

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0.66 Crop ratios

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1. A bug still exists with "same-as image" crop ratio (see image)

-open image, select Edit > Selection ratio > Same as image
-then drag on image, the selection goes perpendicular to image (ie, portrait if image is landscape and vise-versa)

-though "same-as" ratio will work after switching ratios a few times

-"same as image" not available from toolbar crop selection

2. Toolbar crop, selecting "free" ratio does not over-ride a ratio previously used in same tab, -need select other ratio then back to "free"

-open file in Viewer, open crop from toolbar -selection states "free" and it works as expected.
-select other ratio
-click cancel
-click crop again
-selection states "free" but actually the last ratio is still active
-click "free" on selector

result: -the previous ratio remains which is not expected
-crop should switch to "free" ratio but doesn't

-when open crop tool, the active crop ratio should show in the selection box -not "free" every time
-then perhaps selecting "free" would switch to free ratio
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