0.68 - Disabled categories

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0.68 - Disabled categories

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Hello Pierre,

yes I know there is another thread "Categories management" http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=29963 with the request that the "Categories" pane is always enabled. I would also prefer that solution.

But in case of the decision is that "categories" pane is only enabled in case of a file is selected, I ask you to correct the following problem:
I very often have the situation that an image file is selected but the "categories" pane is still disabled.
Please look at the attached screenshot of my windows XP SP3 system.

On my system the problem can be reproduced using the following configuration:
directory X:\test contains
- a subdirectory X:\test\A with an DNG image
- 2 image files A.jpg and B.dng

The sequence of the image filenames (from sorting point of view) is important (*.jpg first then *.dng).
The DNG image is a file with about 17 MB. For me it is important that XnViewMP needs a long time to create the thumbnail of the DNG-image.

On my configuration I do not cache thumbnails in generell and the thumbnail of the subfolder will contain 1 image. (See also the screenshot).
Clicking on a folder the global settings force XnViewMP to select the first image file.
When I click on X:\test in folders pane or when I start XnViewMP with that folder to be displayed the problem occurs.
For me it depends on time, XnViewMP needs to create the DNG-thumbnails and the sequence doing this.

In my opinion the problem can be avoided when categories pane is always enabled.
Thanks in advance
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