0.71 Categories and Search

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0.71 Categories and Search

Post by combi »

I noticed applying a category to some files and doing a search right after shows some strange behaviour.
Bu category, I mean the ones that are keywords, like drawings/animals/photographs/etc...

Repeat process:
- Have a folder with fresh images with no categories assigned to it
- Select a few of them, and apply one category
- Without touching anything, do a Ctrl-F, add a "Categories" condition, and check the category you just entered, and click on search.
- The results window pops up, but nothing inside.
- Close the search related windows, deselect all images, and repeat
- Results show correct listing.

When adding a category to a large list of sparse files in a folder can be difficult if you want to secure your advancement with inbetween checks via the search feature...

On a side note, when the search results are shown the label "Files found (x)" is one more than the real number of found files...

Version 0.71 x64 (Dec 5 2014)