0.71 32bit (zip) - Settings hangs when adding cache folder

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0.71 32bit (zip) - Settings hangs when adding cache folder

Post by Sprintdriver » Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:31 am

I would like to change the cache folder.

OS: Windows XP sp3, english.
Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) - installed

Steps to reproduce:
  • Open settings dialog box.
  • Change some other settings, not related to cache folder (no way I can remember that)
  • Select the entry with current cache dir (same folder as xnview.exe is located) and delete it
  • Add new cache folder, located on another partition than contains xnviex.exe
  • Settings window now hangs / not responding.
It hasn't responded during a fifteen minutes period of time, so I'll kill the process and try over again.

[edit] (I write while I tries to find the cause of the problems)
Process killed and XnviewMP started over again. Now, when opening settings dialog box / Browser / Catalog, I find both the folder I deleted last session AND the folder I tried to add (apparently caused XnViewMP to went into non responding mode).
I delete the folder once again, now it seems to respond as expected. Exit XnViewMP, respond as expected.

Now I tries to start XnViewMP and see if only one cache dir is present in settings ... Catalog.
Still the same. The dir seems to have reappeared (it is pointing to "my pictures" system folder). Can't quite remember now if that was the original path that I first tried to delete.

Oh, found a possible cause. An old XnView.db file was found in the dir I wanted to add. Obviously from the old version used on this computer. Delete that old database file.

Tries to use "Relocate the folder" (my pictures) and see if that helps. I assume XnViewMP want to have the database file located in "my pictures" folder. (not backslash in path?)
Old path <user dir>/My Pictures/
New Path D:/Appser/Grafx/
No changes - Seems impossible to delete the "my pictures" entry.

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