(Minor) infinite loop creating thumbs when thumbs.db in path

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(Minor) infinite loop creating thumbs when thumbs.db in path

Post by klaus2 »

When the last remembered input directory meanwhile does no longer exist (might occur)
then MP restarts within it's own program directory (is ok),
Now, creating thumbs. you will encounter an infinite loop if the configuration items are defined to reside here locally (my favorite choose, ok!).

I believe that whereever the appropriate file, i assume, it's thumbs.db, is located, then you will have
an infinite loop, as thumbs are created, written to the db. which triggers, by file change, a continuation of the
thumbs creation process, and all that never comes to an end.

Fix proposal: whenever a thumbnail for the MP's own thumbs.db had been created once, don't retry to do that later again ..
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