*** How can I help here? ***

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*** How can I help here? ***

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Handling each single reported bug is quite some effort. You can help a lot:

• When posting a new bug report, please use the bug report template. A detailed, clear and complete bug reports makes everyone's life easier.

• A first step to handle a bug is to reproduce the reported problem. If you do want to support XnView development just look through this forum and try to reproduce a problem a user has reported. If you successfully reproduced the problem, post a short note and if needed post additional details how you did so. Especially testers on MacOS and Linux platforms are wanted.

• About 1.500 bug reports have piled up over the last years. Many of them have been resolved and now idle around. If you reported a bug a year or longer ago, please check with the latest version of XnView MP whether this bug still occurs. If your problem has been resolved, please let us know by posting in the appropriate bug report.