0.84: EXIF info not shown after changing timestamp

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0.84: EXIF info not shown after changing timestamp

Post by helmut » Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:45 pm

Note: Bug has been reported in topic Exif timestamp, file date and catalog mismatch by CameronD. A separate bug report was created for easier handling.

XnView: MP 0.84 - 32 bit
OS: Windows 32 bit

When selecting and changing timestamp on a single file, the EXIF tab remains blank until a different file is selected.

Effect: Unexpected behaviour of user interface

To reproduce: (see screen recording bugreport_35093_helmut.wmv)
1. In XnView's browser select a single JPG file which has some EXIF data, already.
2. In Info pane select tab "EXIF".
--> EXIF info of the image is displayed (correct)
3. Select "Tools » Change timestamp..."
4. In "Change timestamp" dialog select "Current date & time" and check [x] EXIF:Date taken.
5. Apply the change using "Write" button
Actual behaviour (bug): "Change timestamp" dialog closes. "EXIF" tab is empty. :bug:

Expected behaviour: "Change timestamp" dialog closes. In "EXIF" tab the changed EXIf data can be seen. :bug:

It seems not to matter which timestamp field you change, problem also occurs when changing File: Created Date.

:arrow: Reproduced (Reported by CameronD, confirmed by me)

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Re: 0.84: EXIF info not shown after changing timestamp

Post by xnview » Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:31 pm

i can't reproduce on my win8.1

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