0.84: Change Timestamp - metadata details blanked

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0.84: Change Timestamp - metadata details blanked

Postby CameronD » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:35 am

XnView MP v: 0.84 and 0.85 beta1 (10-Mar-2017) (both 64-bit)
OS: Windows 7 Pro, x64

When writing a single file during a multifile "change timestamp" operation, much metadata details are blanked out in the display.

Display can be temporarily showing incorrect information - user thinks metadata has been deleted.

To Reproduce:
  • Browser set to details - use a wide pane to show lots of info (or squeeze the column widths)
  • select viewable columns including File:Created, File:Modified, Exif:Date Taken, caption, camera settings, rating, colour.
  • Select two or more files where these these fields have existing values
  • Menu action: Tools->Change Timestamp
  • change any one of a single file's date values, for example: File Create date -> increment by 1 second
  • Alternatively, choose "write all" and results apply to all files.

  • As soon as "Write" is pressed, much of the metadata is deleted from the display for that file:
    • blanked are: (for example) Caption, shutterspeed, aperture, print size, properties
    • retained are: filename, colour label, rating, (looks like anything not in the metadata blob)
    • However, any Exif metadata that has changed is not changed - nor is it blanked.
    • Any File: dates that have been changed are updated correctly.
  • This applies to the display only - the content is redrawn when the edit time window is closed.
  • The bug also happens if you have browser mode: thumbnails with (suitable) labels. One difference is that All Exif Dates are cleared as well as other metadata

Expected behaviour:
  • File list displays correct information, and
  • File list display (or thumb label) updates any modified Exif:Date with new value just assigned

Other notes:
I tried the same thing with tools->metadata->edit IPTC/XMP and that operation behaves as expected : e.g. modified IPTC:Caption is updated with new value immediately after selecting "Write"

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