0.84: Categories assigned to wrong files

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0.84: Categories assigned to wrong files

Postby jadO » Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:27 pm

Way too often I am running into the issue that wrong files get tagged.
It just happend again and it is about an issue that events or triggers do not seem to fire correctly.

Here is a workflow that I just did:

1. Select a video file
2. Assign a color to it
3. Scroll to different file
4. Select it and play it via Alt+1
5. Select categories from side panel

The result was that categories were assigned to the file that I had assigned the color to and not the file that has been played.
Also it would be nice if assigning a category would immediately show the category icon on the file. Currently it is required to deselect and reselect the file to trigger category icon display.

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Re: 0.84: Event triggers - It just thappened again.

Postby jadO » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:06 am

It just happened again. This was the flow:

1. Selected a file1
2. Assigned multiple categories to file1
3. Selected file2 to make the category icon appear on file1
4. Selected file 3
5. Played file3 (so this verifies it has been selected)
6. Assigned multiple categories to file3
7. Selected file4 to make category icon appear on file3
Category icon did not appear on file3 but on file2. All categories that should have been assigned to file3 had been assigned to file2.

There is a flaw in the application to correctly identify which is the correct file selected/in focus although the correct file has been successfully played.

This issue maybe hard to reproduce because it does not happen always but it seems to be more often now for unknown reason.

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Re: 0.84: Event triggers

Postby m.Th. » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:12 pm

It just happened again. This was the flow

Cannot reproduce for photos. I tested only once.
m. Th.

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