XnView crashes after FTP upload with directories

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XnView crashes after FTP upload with directories

Post by JanFtFA »

When trying to upload to FTP server with "Keep folder structure" and "Keep parent folder" both selected. XnView crashes.

It is possible to create a directory though with XnView FTP functionality by adding the name of the new dir to the target dir in the FTP settings.

So the functionality is there. However, if I ask the program to use the name of the parent dir then:
a) the connection is made (I think so, it happens very fast)
b) XnView crashes.
c) No new directory is created, nothing is uploaded also not in target directory

So it is a bug that I can overcome using the first method, but using the built-in method would be easier as it does not require going back and copy/paste of the name of the dir for each new dir/image-set combination


PS: just started using XnView today and love it already. Many kudos to the team!
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Re: XnView crashes after FTP upload with directories

Post by helmut »

Thank you for registering here, your kudos, and your bug report, JanFtFA.

On which platform do you use XnView MP? Which version of XnView MP do you use? (see Reporting a bug: HowTo and Template) Does XnView really crash (with or without Kolor crash reporter)?

EDIT: I've tried a ftp upload on two ftp servers using XnView MP 0.84 and failed poorly: Either connection couldn't be established or a message "Canceled upload of N:/test/my_sample.jpg" appeared. Upload with a normal ftp program worked fine. :|
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