0.90: Folder tree always expand on drag&drop

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0.90: Folder tree always expand on drag&drop

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XnView: MP 0.90 - 64 bit
OS: Windows 7 64bit

In browser mode, when dragging files and dropping them on the folder pane, the folder where they're dropped always expand, when they should only expand if hovering over them for a certain time while dragging.

When dragging files and hovering over a folder in the folder pane, after a short time, such folder expands and shows subfolders automatically, to ease dropping in folders not shown, without having to stop the dragging operation, expand the folder, and then reselect the files and dragging again. This is handy and it's both a common and desirable behaviour of tree controls.

In XnViewMP, no matter how fast you make the operation, the folder where the files are dropped is always expanded after the operation is finished. It's as if the application is thinking that the time you're hovering over the folder stops after the operation, instead of before, so even with only one file and moving the mouse away, the operation itself takes long enough, the application still thinks the mouse is hovering, and it triggers the automatic expansion. This behaviour is not on other applications with similar tree controls, for example Windows Explorer.

This bug has been on XnViewMP for very long, but it has always been more annoying than anything. Lately it's been disruptive on my use of XnViewMP and that's why I'm reporting in hopes it can be fixed in next version.

Effect: The automatic but unwanted expansion of folder is disruptive when moving files to different folders which in turn have subfolders which shouldn't be shown so the vertical space is saved. They must be closed manually to keep the amount of wanted folders within the panel view. Should this bug not happen, you can move files to around 30 different folders, but as it is now, after some movements and folders expanding, only 3-4 target folders are show, the rest is space wasted with their subfolders.

To reproduce:
1. In browser mode, show a list of files, and the folder pane.
2. Find a target folder that has subfolders, but it's not expanded.
2. Select some files and drag them.
3. Drop them quickly over the target folder, so the hovering time over it is not enough to trigger the automatic expansion.

Actual behaviour (bug): The folder where the files are dropped is always expanded, no matter how long hovering over it took.

Expected behaviour: The folder should not expand if the hovering was not long enough.
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Re: 0.90: Folder tree always expand on drag&drop

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