XNViewMP 0.93 Portable looses keyboard shortcuts changing computers

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XNViewMP 0.93 Portable looses keyboard shortcuts changing computers

Post by duarte.framos » Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:04 am

Subject: 0.93: Loss of keyboard shortcuts when run from different path

XnView: MP 0.93 - 64 bit
OS: Windows 10 64bit
OS: Windows 7 64bit

Keyboard shortcuts are lost when XNViewMP Portable runs from a different installation path

Effect: There are no keyboard shortcuts on launch

To reproduce:
1. Configure XNViewMP Portable on a certain path use program folder for all files
2. Load a custom keyboard shortcut file from the program folder
3. Move installation folder to a different path
4. Run from new location
Actual behaviour (bug): No keyboard shortcuts work

Expected behaviour: Previously configured keyboard shortcuts should be maintained


I use XnViewMP Portable 0.93 64bits (Jan 31 2019) in two computers, home (Windows 7 64Bits) and work (Windows 10 64Bits) running from a thumb drive with a different file letter.

In the xnview.ini preferences file custom .key keymap files are stored as a full path so it is not found when run from a different location and I have to set it up again on every first run.
My custom key map is store in the program folder, and in Settings > Integration > Paths > Folder for Other Files I have it set Program(XNView) but it doesn't seem to find the file anyway. I also tried manually inserting a relative path in shortcut=MyCustomKeys.keys, but it is not recognized and resets to a full path.

Is it possible to change behavior so program folder is searched on startup for the current key file, or make it accept a relative paths to the file in portable mode?

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Re: XNViewMP 0.93 Portable looses keyboard shortcuts changing computers

Post by xnview » Tue Sep 03, 2019 2:58 pm

strange by default .keys use same path as .ini

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