Drag and Drop to Facebook interpreted as a link.

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Drag and Drop to Facebook interpreted as a link.

Post by Farrukh » Sun Jul 21, 2019 8:50 pm

Using XnView MP Windows Version 0.93.1 64bits (Mar 6 2019).

Whenever I drag and drop an image from browser to Facebook, it is interpreted as a link, while if I do same from any other tool like Windows Explorer or Fast Stone Image Viewer, or even from digikam, it is always interpreted as an image. See this screenshot:
This creates a problem whenever I tried to post in photography groups. In groups, Facebook simply doesn't display images, neither any thumbnails, as if there was no image dropped or posted. While dragging and dropping through any other tool doesn't create this issue.

Here is when posting the same with the FastStone image viewer:
Please correct or guide for any workaround.
Thanks a bunch.

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Re: Drag and Drop to Facebook interpreted as a link.

Post by masterjp » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:54 pm

Hello Farrukh, for me it works with a single picture and drag & drop. At the first test XnViewMP copied a link as you described to the input box.
I think you have to drag your picture and wait a short moment over the drop box of facebook. Then the input box change and accept your picture. Try it again. With my german facebook side it works.
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