Cannot import clipboard after a while

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Cannot import clipboard after a while

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I searched but I can't find a bug open about this. If XnView Win64 has been open for a while, which seems to be at least a few hours, but sometimes I have it open for weeks at a time, it can't import the clipboard anymore. It just doesn't show lit up as an option in the menu, nothing happens if I press ctrl-shift-V. I can hit PrtSc over and over and still nothing happens on the XnView side, so I have to open up Photoshop or Affinity to actual do anything with my screenshot, instead of just a quick paste-crop-save in XnView.
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Re: Cannot import clipboard after a while

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Possibly related:
Freeware for analyzing clipboard content:
XnTriq wrote: Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:30 pm
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