Mp4 Preview autoplay start with Black Screen

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Mp4 Preview autoplay start with Black Screen

Post by Tehbotol »

Why do some mp4 video start with black screen in Preview (autoplay) or in played in TAB

Screen Capture of the issue (notice that there's a black screen when i click the video, strangely it was longer in real time than in the screen capture) ... sp=sharing

example video : ... sp=sharing

also when i rewind the black screen doesn't appear but the first frame are displayed but it looks like it was stuck at the first frame for a second then it played normal again

but when i let the video play till the end, and i press play again the black screen appear again, it's same if i click another video and click the video again the black screen also reappear

i try the video in pot player and it played fine without any black screen in the start or freezing first frame issue

XnviewMP tested with 0.94.3 and 0.95 WIndows 10 x64 bit
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Re: Mp4 Preview autoplay start with Black Screen

Post by xnview »

i think that it's the delay to start video playing
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